World Cup Soccer Camp aims to develop proper techniques and skills necessary to understand and play the game. On the first night of camp, players are assessed and placed in groups based on age and ability. Group sizes do not exceed 15 players per coach. The average age range in a group is 2 years. At the end of camp, the coaches will reassess each camper and send him/her home with a written evaluation containing specific instruction for improvement.

Note: Boys and girls are trained in separate groups.


The updated schedule will be announced before the start of camp!


7:15 AM - Morning Exercises    

8:00 AM - Breakfast

9:00 AM - Technical Training 

10:30 AM - Technically Focused Games

11:00 AM - Tournament Play

12:30 PM - Lunch

1:00 PM - Supervised Activities          

2:00 PM - Tactical Training          

3:00 PM - Tactically Focused Games

5:00 PM - Dinner          

7:00 PM - Evening Games          

9:00 PM - Showers          

9:30 PM - Supervised Activity         

10:30 PM - Lights Out 


Prepare for training to develop the whole soccer player.  Important technical aspects of play will be introduced along with tactical components.  Field Players will receive instruction in the following areas: 


1. Power Shooting       
2. Finesse Shooting        
3. Receiving                      
4. Swording                     
5. Dribbling                      
6. Passing

7. Hitting the Long Ball

8. Defensive Heading

9. Offensive Heading

10. Arm Battles

11. Slide Tackles

12. Offensive Moves 


1. Role of the 1st Attacker
2. Role of the 1st Defender
3. Executing 2v1 Situations
4. Combination Plays
5. Checking Runs
6. Bending Runs 


The WCSC staff will provide you with all the technical and tactical knowledge to improve your game and develop the complete player. Goalkeepers will receive instruction in the following areas:     


1. Diving Saves
2. Parrying
3. Boxing
4. Redirecting
5. Throwing
6. Goal Kicks
7. Penalty Kicks  


1. Breakaways
2. Angles and Positioning
3. Organizing the Defense
4. Reading the Attack
5. Handling Direct & Indirect Kicks  

1. Handling Pressure
2. Refocusing After Being Scored On
3. Leadership
4. Self Training Goals
5. Motivating Your Team  


Screen Shot 2020-03-11 at 1.02.14 PM.png

Swimming Pool: During supervised breaks, campers are able to take advantage of the Saint Vincent pool to go swimming. Ensure to pack a bathing suit and towel each day to participate in this activity. 


Basketball Courts: The outdoor basketball courts are conveniently located next to the dorms. During supervised breaks, campers are able to utilize these courts.  


Go Karts: On Tuesday afternoon, buses are provided for campers to enjoy Go Karts at Statler's Fun Center. Putt-Putt golf, batting cages, arcade games, and bubble balls are also available for campers to enjoy. The cost of this trip will be sent in the confirmation email that is sent a week before camp.

NEW - Idlewild Park SoakZone: Buses are provided for campers to attend the SoakZone at Idlewild Park. Lazy river, swimming, water slides, and more are all available for the campers to enjoy! The cost of this trip will be sent in the confirmation email that is sent a week before camp.